Bellevue, WA Political Heavies Donated $ 15,900 Republican money, $ 11,750 Democratic money

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Top Bellevue, WA Occupations

  • Top Jobs
  • Retired None 2
  • Manager Microsoft Corporation 1
  • Lawyer Suttell & Hammer, Ps 1
  • Homemaker Self Employed 1
  • Homemaker Homemaker 1
  • Director Sonosite, Inc. 1
  • Director Of Marketing Mckinstry 1
  • Council Member King County Council 1
  • Consultant Rw Beck 1
  • Consul Rsa Sports International Inc 1
  • Yearly summary
  • 2008 dollars: $5,587,998 from 5,496 contributions, $1,016.74 average.
  • 2012 dollars: $1,225,453 from 1,208 contributions, $1,014.45 average.

Look Top Bellevue, WA Donors

  • Richard Haelsig, Bellevue, WA $5,500Richard Haelsig, Bellevue
  • Brenda Greger, Bellevue, WA Homemaker Se $4,600Brenda Greger, Bellevue
  • Joel Gross, Bellevue, WA Physician Harbo $4,000Joel Gross, Bellevue
  • Richard Haase, Bellevue, WA Retired None $3,750Richard Haase, Bellevue
  • David Habib, Bellevue, WA Software Consu $3,750David Habib, Bellevue
  • Michael Greytak, Bellevue, WA Unemployed $2,550Michael Greytak, Bellevue
  • Yair Griver, Bellevue, WA Manager Micros $2,300Yair Griver, Bellevue
  • Frederick Guinee, Bellevue, WA Adjunct P $2,300Frederick Guinee, Bellevue
  • Paul Haack, Bellevue, WA Director Sonosi $2,000Paul Haack, Bellevue
  • Haelsig, Bellevue, WA Retired None $2,000 Haelsig, Bellevue
  • All Bellevue, WA Money Donors:
    $ 4,600 Brenda Greger in Bellevue, WA Homemaker Self EmployedBrenda Greger, Bellevue
    $ 200 Ronald Gregush in Bellevue, WA Physician Proliance SurgeonsRonald Gregush, Bellevue
    $ 2,550 Michael Greytak in Bellevue, WA Unemployed UnimployedMichael Greytak, Bellevue
    $ 40 H Griffin in Bellevue, WA H Griffin, Bellevue
    $ 1,000 Wayne Griggs in Bellevue, WA Consul Rsa Sports International IncWayne Griggs, Bellevue
    $ 2,300 Yair Griver in Bellevue, WA Manager Microsoft CorporationYair Griver, Bellevue
    $ 4,000 Joel Gross in Bellevue, WA Physician Harborview Medical CJoel Gross, Bellevue
    $ 1,855 Frank Gu in Bellevue, WA Frank Gu, Bellevue
    $ 2,300 Frederick Guinee in Bellevue, WA Adjunct Pr University Of WashingtonFrederick Guinee, Bellevue
    $ 250 Genevieve Guinn in Bellevue, WA Director Of Marketing MckinstryGenevieve Guinn, Bellevue
    $ 250 Eric Gunnerson in Bellevue, WA Software Developer MicrosoftEric Gunnerson, Bellevue
    $ 600 Malisa Gurule-Cagney in Bellevue, WA Lawyer Suttell & Hammer, PsMalisa Gurule-Cagney, Bellevue
    $ 208 Horacio Gutierrez in Bellevue, WA Vp, Deputy General Cou MicrosoftHoracio Gutierrez, Bellevue
    $ 2,000 Paul Haack in Bellevue, WA Director Sonosite, Inc.Paul Haack, Bellevue
    $ 250 Marie-Elizabeth Haase in Bellevue, WA Assistant Libra Forest Ridge SchoolMarie-Elizabeth Haase, Bellevue
    $ 3,750 Richard Haase in Bellevue, WA Retired NoneRichard Haase, Bellevue
    $ 500 Catherine Habib in Bellevue, WA Software Developer SelfCatherine Habib, Bellevue
    $ 3,750 David Habib in Bellevue, WA Software Consultant Self EmployedDavid Habib, Bellevue
    $ 1,000 John Hackett in Bellevue, WA Physician Self-EmployedJohn Hackett, Bellevue
    $ 500 Roger Hackett in Bellevue, WA Program Manager MicrosoftRoger Hackett, Bellevue
    $ 1,000 Leslie Haeger in Bellevue, WA Not Employed NoneLeslie Haeger, Bellevue
    $ 2,000 Haelsig in Bellevue, WA Retired None Haelsig, Bellevue
    $ 200 Diane Haelsig in Bellevue, WA Retired RetiredDiane Haelsig, Bellevue
    $ 1,850 K Haelsig in Bellevue, WA Retired Cob PeoplewaveK Haelsig, Bellevue
    $ 5,500 Richard Haelsig in Bellevue, WA Richard Haelsig, Bellevue
    $ 750 Dorothy Hagen in Bellevue, WA Homemaker HomemakerDorothy Hagen, Bellevue
    $ 2,000 Jane Hague in Bellevue, WA Council Member King County CouncilJane Hague, Bellevue
    $ 250 Ann Hajnosz in Bellevue, WA Consultant Rw BeckAnn Hajnosz, Bellevue