Columbia, SC Political Heavies Donated $ 63,066 Republican money, $ 1,700 Democratic money

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Top Columbia, SC Occupations

  • Top Jobs
  • Retired Retired 4
  • Homemaker Homemaker 3
  • Homemaker None 1
  • Home Maker Home Maker 1
  • Financial Planner Self Employed 1
  • Executive Grant Thorton, Llp 1
  • Exec Municipal Association Of S. C. 1
  • Director Human Resource Scana Corp. 1
  • Business Owner Self 1
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield South Caroli Blue Cross Blue Shield South Caroli 1
  • Yearly summary
  • 2008 dollars: $3,522,200 from 4,555 contributions, $773.26 average.
  • 2012 dollars: $668,094 from 751 contributions, $889.61 average.

Look Top Columbia, SC Donors

  • Joe Edens, Columbia, SC Real Estate Eden $47,750Joe Edens, Columbia
  • David Dukes, Columbia, SC Lawy Nelson, M $13,291David Dukes, Columbia
  • Carolyn Edens, Columbia, SC Homemaker No $12,100Carolyn Edens, Columbia
  • Martha Edens, Columbia, SC Retired Retir $7,000Martha Edens, Columbia
  • Jennifer Dumont, Columbia, SC Blue Cross $5,650Jennifer Dumont, Columbia
  • Richard Dyer, Columbia, SC Retired Retir $5,025Richard Dyer, Columbia
  • Mark Dukes, Columbia, SC Partner Nelson $4,401Mark Dukes, Columbia
  • Christy Edens, Columbia, SC Homemaker Ho $4,100Christy Edens, Columbia
  • Beth Dyer, Columbia, SC Homemaker Homema $2,300Beth Dyer, Columbia
  • Howard Duvall, Columbia, SC Exec Municip $2,200Howard Duvall, Columbia
  • All Columbia, SC Money Donors:
    $ 300 Michael Duggan in Columbia, SC Retired RetiredMichael Duggan, Columbia
    $ 13,291 David Dukes in Columbia, SC Lawy Nelson, Mullins, Riley & ScarbDavid Dukes, Columbia
    $ 1,000 Karen Dukes in Columbia, SC Home Maker Home MakerKaren Dukes, Columbia
    $ 4,401 Mark Dukes in Columbia, SC Partner Nelson Mullins Et AlMark Dukes, Columbia
    $ 5,650 Jennifer Dumont in Columbia, SC Blue Cross Blue Shield South Caroli Blue Cross Blue Shield South CaroliJennifer Dumont, Columbia
    $ 1,000 Dunbar in Columbia, SC Business Owner Self Dunbar, Columbia
    $ 250 Jimmy Duncan in Columbia, SC Director Human Resource Scana Corp.Jimmy Duncan, Columbia
    $ 400 John Duncan in Columbia, SC Attorney Self EmployedJohn Duncan, Columbia
    $ 250 Deanne Dunn in Columbia, SC Executive Grant Thorton, LlpDeanne Dunn, Columbia
    $ 1,000 Cynthia Dupont in Columbia, SC Retail Merchant Owne Self-EmpployedCynthia Dupont, Columbia
    $ 2,200 Howard Duvall in Columbia, SC Exec Municipal Association Of S. C.Howard Duvall, Columbia
    $ 500 Elizabeth Dworjanyn in Columbia, SC Elizabeth Dworjanyn, Columbia
    $ 2,300 Beth Dyer in Columbia, SC Homemaker HomemakerBeth Dyer, Columbia
    $ 1,500 Bruce Dyer in Columbia, SC President Dick Dyer ToyotaBruce Dyer, Columbia
    $ 5,025 Richard Dyer in Columbia, SC Retired RetiredRichard Dyer, Columbia
    $ 1,000 William Eaddy in Columbia, SC Insurance Adams Eaddy & AssociatesWilliam Eaddy, Columbia
    $ 1,000 Sherod Eadon in Columbia, SC Attor Lee, Eadon, Isgett, Popwell &Sherod Eadon, Columbia
    $ 1,000 Ivan Earle in Columbia, SC Financial Planner Self EmployedIvan Earle, Columbia
    $ 1,000 Sharon Earle in Columbia, SC Self Employed Self EmployedSharon Earle, Columbia
    $ 851 Dave Ebert in Columbia, SC Retired RetiredDave Ebert, Columbia
    $ 250 Larry Echerer in Columbia, SC Larry Echerer, Columbia
    $ 250 Richard Eckstrom in Columbia, SC State Treas State Of South CarolinaRichard Eckstrom, Columbia
    $ 12,100 Carolyn Edens in Columbia, SC Homemaker NoneCarolyn Edens, Columbia
    $ 500 Christina Edens in Columbia, SC Homemaker HomemakerChristina Edens, Columbia
    $ 4,100 Christy Edens in Columbia, SC Homemaker HomemakerChristy Edens, Columbia
    $ 2,075 Jason Edens in Columbia, SC Owner Edens EquipmentJason Edens, Columbia
    $ 47,750 Joe Edens in Columbia, SC Real Estate Edens & AvantJoe Edens, Columbia
    $ 7,000 Martha Edens in Columbia, SC Retired RetiredMartha Edens, Columbia