Marblehead, MA Political Heavies Donated $ 12,220 Republican money, $ 22,002 Democratic money

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Top Marblehead, MA Occupations

  • Top Jobs
  • Retired Retired 2
  • Homemaker Not Employed 1
  • Home Maker Home Maker 1
  • Fundra Greater Lynn Senior Services 1
  • Engineer Stroud Consulting 1
  • Edwards Angell Palmer Do Edwards Angell Palmer Do 1
  • Educator North Shore Medical Center 1
  • Doctor North Shore Medical Center 1
  • Consultant Telecomm Insight Group 1
  • Ceo Sirius Software Inc. 1
  • Yearly summary
  • 2008 dollars: $719,505 from 917 contributions, $784.63 average.
  • 2012 dollars: $201,928 from 248 contributions, $814.23 average.

Look Top Marblehead, MA Donors

  • Paul Gregory, Marblehead, MA Ceo Sirius $22,050Paul Gregory, Marblehead
  • Nathaniel Greene, Marblehead, MA Enginee $6,000Nathaniel Greene, Marblehead
  • Michael Goldman, Marblehead, MA Consulta $5,600Michael Goldman, Marblehead
  • Susan Goldman, Marblehead, MA Home Maker $5,550Susan Goldman, Marblehead
  • Mark Girard, Marblehead, MA Doctor North $3,000Mark Girard, Marblehead
  • Jeffrey Gross, Marblehead, MA Project Ma $2,800Jeffrey Gross, Marblehead
  • Francis Hannaway, Marblehead, MA Retired $2,300Francis Hannaway, Marblehead
  • Gordon Hall, Marblehead, MA Sheet Metal $2,000Gordon Hall, Marblehead
  • Joseph Giuffrida, Marblehead, MA Retired $1,500Joseph Giuffrida, Marblehead
  • Scott Goodby, Marblehead, MA Insur Liber $1,388Scott Goodby, Marblehead
  • All Marblehead, MA Money Donors:
    $ 3,000 Mark Girard in Marblehead, MA Doctor North Shore Medical CenterMark Girard, Marblehead
    $ 1,500 Joseph Giuffrida in Marblehead, MA Retired RetiredJoseph Giuffrida, Marblehead
    $ 230 Lisa Glahn in Marblehead, MA Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky And Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky AndLisa Glahn, Marblehead
    $ 750 Chris Goddard in Marblehead, MA Public Relations CgprChris Goddard, Marblehead
    $ 500 Leslie Goldberg in Marblehead, MA Educator North Shore Medical CenterLeslie Goldberg, Marblehead
    $ 250 Sandra Goldfarb in Marblehead, MA Public Relations Rasky BaerleinSandra Goldfarb, Marblehead
    $ 5,600 Michael Goldman in Marblehead, MA Consultant Telecomm Insight GroupMichael Goldman, Marblehead
    $ 5,550 Susan Goldman in Marblehead, MA Home Maker Home MakerSusan Goldman, Marblehead
    $ 500 Jeffrey Goldstein in Marblehead, MA Tv Production Self EmployedJeffrey Goldstein, Marblehead
    $ 1,388 Scott Goodby in Marblehead, MA Insur Liberty Mutual Agency MarketsScott Goodby, Marblehead
    $ 250 David Goodof in Marblehead, MA Professor Salem State CollegeDavid Goodof, Marblehead
    $ 500 Rosalie Grattaroti in Marblehead, MA Fundra Greater Lynn Senior ServicesRosalie Grattaroti, Marblehead
    $ 1,000 William Graves in Marblehead, MA Physicist MitWilliam Graves, Marblehead
    $ 250 Constance Grayson in Marblehead, MA Attorney Self-EmployedConstance Grayson, Marblehead
    $ 550 Ray Greco in Marblehead, MA Occupati Community Of MassachusettsRay Greco, Marblehead
    $ 250 Raymond Greco in Marblehead, MA Therapist TherapistRaymond Greco, Marblehead
    $ 250 Robert Green in Marblehead, MA Retired RetiredRobert Green, Marblehead
    $ 6,000 Nathaniel Greene in Marblehead, MA Engineer Stroud ConsultingNathaniel Greene, Marblehead
    $ 22,050 Paul Gregory in Marblehead, MA Ceo Sirius Software Inc.Paul Gregory, Marblehead
    $ 2,800 Jeffrey Gross in Marblehead, MA Project Manager EveryzingJeffrey Gross, Marblehead
    $ 250 Judy Groves in Marblehead, MA Edwards Angell Palmer Do Edwards Angell Palmer DoJudy Groves, Marblehead
    $ 1,000 Eileen Haley in Marblehead, MA Eileen Haley, Marblehead
    $ 250 David Haliotis in Marblehead, MA Architect Hh Design GroupDavid Haliotis, Marblehead
    $ 250 Michael Haliotis in Marblehead, MA Self Employed ConstructionMichael Haliotis, Marblehead
    $ 2,000 Gordon Hall in Marblehead, MA Sheet Metal Contra Hall Sheet MetalGordon Hall, Marblehead
    $ 1,000 Florence Hannaway in Marblehead, MA Homemaker Not EmployedFlorence Hannaway, Marblehead
    $ 2,300 Francis Hannaway in Marblehead, MA Retired Not EmployedFrancis Hannaway, Marblehead
    $ 750 David Hark in Marblehead, MA Re The Drumlin Group- Self EmployedDavid Hark, Marblehead