Greenwich, CT Political Heavies Donated $ 22,150 Republican money, $ 51,504 Democratic money

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Top Greenwich, CT Occupations

  • Top Jobs
  • Homemaker Homemaker 2
  • Energy Consultant Self-Employed 1
  • Ec New Jersey Business Finance Corp 1
  • Director Self Employed 1
  • Corporate Executiv F.X. Energy Inc. 1
  • Banker Jp Morgan 1
  • Banker Calyon 1
  • Attorney The Legal Aid Society 1
  • Attorney Self Employed 1
  • Attorney Jones Day 1
  • Yearly summary
  • 2008 dollars: $16,415,099 from 8,464 contributions, $1,939.40 average.
  • 2012 dollars: $3,795,644 from 1,619 contributions, $2,344.44 average.

Look Top Greenwich, CT Donors

  • Richard Lund, Greenwich, CT Investor Sel $33,900Richard Lund, Greenwich
  • Alexander Lynch, Greenwich, CT Banker Jp $15,300Alexander Lynch, Greenwich
  • Rose Lynch, Greenwich, CT Director Self $9,600Rose Lynch, Greenwich
  • Richard Lukaj, Greenwich, CT Finance Ban $7,300Richard Lukaj, Greenwich
  • Richard Lukai, Greenwich, CT Investment $6,900Richard Lukai, Greenwich
  • Lawrence Lunt, Greenwich, CT Investments $3,700Lawrence Lunt, Greenwich
  • Marianne Lucey, Greenwich, CT Homemaker $3,300Marianne Lucey, Greenwich
  • Donald Lucey, Greenwich, CT Energy Consu $3,300Donald Lucey, Greenwich
  • David Low, Greenwich, CT Investment Bank $2,300David Low, Greenwich
  • Viosa Lukaj, Greenwich, CT Homemaker Not $2,300Viosa Lukaj, Greenwich
  • All Greenwich, CT Money Donors:
    $ 1,000 Thomas Lovejoy in Greenwich, CT Corporate Executiv F.X. Energy Inc.Thomas Lovejoy, Greenwich
    $ 1,000 Traci Lovitt in Greenwich, CT Attorney Jones DayTraci Lovitt, Greenwich
    $ 2,300 David Low in Greenwich, CT Investment Banker LazardDavid Low, Greenwich
    $ 500 John Lowden in Greenwich, CT Private Inve Newcastle Partners LlcJohn Lowden, Greenwich
    $ 250 Peter Lowe in Greenwich, CT Management Consultant SelfPeter Lowe, Greenwich
    $ 1,500 Neil Lubarsky in Greenwich, CT Attorney Self EmployedNeil Lubarsky, Greenwich
    $ 200 Benjamin Lubin in Greenwich, CT Securities Industry Management Grou Securities Industry Management GrouBenjamin Lubin, Greenwich
    $ 250 John Lucarelli in Greenwich, CT Real Estate Round Hill DesignJohn Lucarelli, Greenwich
    $ 250 Martin Lucente in Greenwich, CT Attorney The Legal Aid SocietyMartin Lucente, Greenwich
    $ 3,300 Donald Lucey in Greenwich, CT Energy Consultant Self-EmployedDonald Lucey, Greenwich
    $ 3,300 Marianne Lucey in Greenwich, CT Homemaker HomemakerMarianne Lucey, Greenwich
    $ 200 Nancy Lucht in Greenwich, CT Retired 4 Dogwood LaneNancy Lucht, Greenwich
    $ 6,900 Richard Lukai in Greenwich, CT Investment Banker Bank Street GroupRichard Lukai, Greenwich
    $ 7,300 Richard Lukaj in Greenwich, CT Finance Bank StreetRichard Lukaj, Greenwich
    $ 2,300 Viosa Lukaj in Greenwich, CT Homemaker Not EmployedViosa Lukaj, Greenwich
    $ 33,900 Richard Lund in Greenwich, CT Investor SelfRichard Lund, Greenwich
    $ 2,300 Tamara Lund in Greenwich, CT Not Employed Not EmployedTamara Lund, Greenwich
    $ 500 Richard Luneburg in Greenwich, CT Executiv Florida Linen Services LlcRichard Luneburg, Greenwich
    $ 3,700 Lawrence Lunt in Greenwich, CT Investments Self EmployedLawrence Lunt, Greenwich
    $ 504 Ira Lutsky in Greenwich, CT Ec New Jersey Business Finance CorpIra Lutsky, Greenwich
    $ 1,000 Mark Lvoff in Greenwich, CT Banker CalyonMark Lvoff, Greenwich
    $ 1,250 Nan Lvoff in Greenwich, CT Art Consultant Self EmployedNan Lvoff, Greenwich
    $ 2,300 John Lyddane in Greenwich, CT Att Martin Clearwater & Bell L.L.P.John Lyddane, Greenwich
    $ 2,300 Virginia Lyddane in Greenwich, CT Homemaker HomemakerVirginia Lyddane, Greenwich
    $ 15,300 Alexander Lynch in Greenwich, CT Banker Jp MorganAlexander Lynch, Greenwich
    $ 500 Daniel Lynch in Greenwich, CT Daniel Lynch, Greenwich
    $ 1,000 Roger Lynch in Greenwich, CT Retired RetiredRoger Lynch, Greenwich
    $ 9,600 Rose Lynch in Greenwich, CT Director Self EmployedRose Lynch, Greenwich