Tucson, AZ Political Heavies Donated $ 8,625 Republican money, $ 4,300 Democratic money

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Top Tucson, AZ Occupations

  • Top Jobs
  • Retired Retired 6
  • Not Employed Not Employed 1
  • None Ret. 1
  • Lawyer Lewis And Roca, Llp (Si ) 1
  • Executive Vi The Schomac Group Inc. 1
  • Dentist Dentst 1
  • Ceo Mcs 1
  • Attorney Lewis And Rocca 1
  • Attorney Lewis And Roca L.L.P 1
  • Attorney Lewis & Roca 1
  • Yearly summary
  • 2008 dollars: $9,891,269 from 12,451 contributions, $794.42 average.
  • 2012 dollars: $1,860,661 from 2,081 contributions, $894.12 average.

Look Top Tucson, AZ Donors

  • Russell Schultz, Tucson, AZ Retired Reti $10,551Russell Schultz, Tucson
  • Ryan Schoff, Tucson, AZ Executive Vi The $4,000Ryan Schoff, Tucson
  • William Schoff, Tucson, AZ Real Estate T $4,000William Schoff, Tucson
  • Steve Schulman, Tucson, AZ Teac Tucson U $3,600Steve Schulman, Tucson
  • Leonard Schultz, Tucson, AZ Physician Se $3,300Leonard Schultz, Tucson
  • Jane Schoenherr, Tucson, AZ Retired Reti $3,250Jane Schoenherr, Tucson
  • Philip Schultz, Tucson, AZ Retired Retir $2,100Philip Schultz, Tucson
  • Robert Schoff, Tucson, AZ $1,500Robert Schoff, Tucson
  • Gordon Schultz, Tucson, AZ Albertson's/P $1,500Gordon Schultz, Tucson
  • Frances Schonwit, Tucson, AZ Sunbird Pro $1,200Frances Schonwit, Tucson
  • All Tucson, AZ Money Donors:
    $ 200 Leon Schochet in Tucson, AZ RetiredLeon Schochet, Tucson
    $ 500 Eve Schoeket in Tucson, AZ Retired Not EmployedEve Schoeket, Tucson
    $ 250 Suzanne Schoenfeld in Tucson, AZ Not Employed Not EmployedSuzanne Schoenfeld, Tucson
    $ 3,250 Jane Schoenherr in Tucson, AZ Retired RetiredJane Schoenherr, Tucson
    $ 300 Michael Schoeppach in Tucson, AZ Michael Schoeppach, Tucson
    $ 1,500 Robert Schoff in Tucson, AZ Robert Schoff, Tucson
    $ 4,000 Ryan Schoff in Tucson, AZ Executive Vi The Schomac Group Inc.Ryan Schoff, Tucson
    $ 4,000 William Schoff in Tucson, AZ Real Estate The Schomac Group Inc.William Schoff, Tucson
    $ 1,100 Robert Schofield in Tucson, AZ Retired RetiredRobert Schofield, Tucson
    $ 750 Jeffery Scholtz in Tucson, AZ Software Engineer RaytheonJeffery Scholtz, Tucson
    $ 1,200 Frances Schonwit in Tucson, AZ Sunbird Properties Dba Copper Queen Sunbird Properties Dba Copper QueenFrances Schonwit, Tucson
    $ 250 Andrew Schorr in Tucson, AZ Attorney Lewis & RocaAndrew Schorr, Tucson
    $ 250 Ellie Schorr in Tucson, AZ Lawyer Lewis And Roca, Llp (Si )Ellie Schorr, Tucson
    $ 500 Lewis Schorr in Tucson, AZ Attorney Lewis And Roca L.L.PLewis Schorr, Tucson
    $ 1,200 Si Schorr in Tucson, AZ Attorney Lewis And RoccaSi Schorr, Tucson
    $ 800 Thomas Schramski in Tucson, AZ Ceo McsThomas Schramski, Tucson
    $ 500 Janet Schratz in Tucson, AZ None Ret.Janet Schratz, Tucson
    $ 3,600 Steve Schulman in Tucson, AZ Teac Tucson Unified School DiStrictSteve Schulman, Tucson
    $ 1,000 Steven Schulman in Tucson, AZ Teacher RetiredSteven Schulman, Tucson
    $ 500 Elaine Schulte in Tucson, AZ Retired RetiredElaine Schulte, Tucson
    $ 500 Frank Schulte in Tucson, AZ Retired RetiredFrank Schulte, Tucson
    $ 350 Harry Schulte in Tucson, AZ Vp Air Warfa Raytheon Co Missle SysHarry Schulte, Tucson
    $ 1,500 Gordon Schultz in Tucson, AZ Albertson's/Pharmicist OscoGordon Schultz, Tucson
    $ 250 Jonathan Schultz in Tucson, AZ Dentist DentstJonathan Schultz, Tucson
    $ 3,300 Leonard Schultz in Tucson, AZ Physician SelfLeonard Schultz, Tucson
    $ 625 Mark Schultz in Tucson, AZ Vp Legal Raytheon CompanyMark Schultz, Tucson
    $ 2,100 Philip Schultz in Tucson, AZ Retired RetiredPhilip Schultz, Tucson
    $ 10,551 Russell Schultz in Tucson, AZ Retired RetiredRussell Schultz, Tucson